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Ampacity Electric is your local Bloomfield, NJ, owner-operated electrical business that also serves Bergen, Essex, Passaic and their local counties. We’re sitting on top of the ladder when it comes to professionalism, knowledge, experience, efficiency, high standards of workmanship and excellent customer service.

We’re specialists in remodeling, repairs, electric vehicle charger (EVSE) installation, portable generator connections, lighting installations, electrical service upgrades, generator and service installations and all other electricity requirements for everybody living in the Bloomfield and local areas.

You pay for insurance to protect you against: being robbed, losing your life, major health expenses, your home and contents, your car and so on. Electricity protection must be treated as being as important as these other forms. Don’t sit back and wait until you lose power before considering safer options.

Ampacity Electric can quickly install a portable generator connection in your home so you don’t have to worry if you can’t make your meals, use your computer or see well enough to move around without ending up sitting on your butt because you tripped over a kid’s toy. We tailor-make solutions to satisfy your requirements, on time and within your budget.  If you are looking for a car charger installation in Bloomfield, call us now.

Your family’s safety is more important than anything else in the world and we understand that. When you entrust us to provide the right solutions to keep them safe, we treat the work as if it was for our own family, so you’ll have complete peace of mind that it’s done right, the first time, every time.

We focus 100% on the job and guarantee our workmanship with a lifetime warranty on all labor. If you live in Bloomfield, NJ, Ampacity Electric’s phone number (201-406-2855) is the only one you’ll ever need.  When you say to yourself “I need a reliable electrician near me”, it’s time to call Ampacity.

Electrical Wiring in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Unless you have been educated and trained and hold a current electrician’s license, NEVER touch electric wires. It’s unbelievably crazy and dangerous, as well as being illegal in virtually every part of the country. If you require assistance to update wiring or carry out new installations, Ampacity Electric will keep your electrical systems up to code and provide you with good peace of mind that the work was done professionally.

We can’t over-stress how important it is for you to choose the right devices and wiring. The wrong wiring can damage appliances and your whole electric system.

People are quickly becoming more reliant on technical devices for everything from cell phones right through to cars, heavy duty vehicles and airplanes. Incorrect wiring can cause fluctuations in voltage and distorted power that could seriously affect the way devices work. However, you can trust Ampacity Electric to manage all problems, regardless of size and complexity.

Portable Generator Connections

Homeowners want to be prepared for all possible problems. After all, you bought the house to turn it into a safe, secure family home, not merely on a whim. However, disasters can’t be planned for and anticipated and it’s impossible to predict when Mother Nature will become cranky and cause huge problems you can’t fully protect yourself from. The good news is that you can guard against power outages by allowing us to install a portable generator connected to your home’s electric system.

You've probably observed our vans driving around your Bloomfield neighborhood as we carry out electrical work for your friends and neighbors. We can also help you if you call 201-406-2855 and purchase your own portable generator connection.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Bloomfield NJ

  • Do your lights often flicker?

  • Do fuses blow more than normal?

  • Are your breakers repeatedly tripping?

  • Do you need to unplug one appliance so you can use a different one?

If you have one or more of these electrical problems, it’s likely that you should upgrade your panel before things get worse.

Let’s be clear about this. While you may simply dismiss these issues as annoying and inconvenient, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Having your panel upgraded is a necessity, not a luxury, because if it’s not done, it greatly increases the risk of you or a family member getting shocked or perhaps having a fire break out, and the results could be devastating.

Electricity problems are very serious and, at Ampacity Electric, we have the greatest respect for power. Call our one-stop shop at 201-406-2855 if you need repairs, general electric work, problems solved and upgrades to electric panels.

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Professional and detailed...

I redesigned my kitchen lighting to include recessed lights and pendant lights. Andrew did a great job and was both professional and detailed. Sometimes working with older homes presents challenges but he found the right solutions. I plan to use Ampacity for future projects...  Jim

James N. - Clifton, NJ

Extremely professional...

Andrew has done a number of jobs for me, ranging from simple repairs to more complex service upgrades. He and his team are extremely professional and get work done in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Ampacity Electric for all of your electrical needs. I weeded through several electrical companies before I got to Ampacity... very glad I found them.

Avi A. - Garfield, NJ

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