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Electrician in East Rutherford NJ

Ampacity Electric is an owner-operated electrician near you in East Rutherford, New Jersey and we also service all of Bergen, Passaic, Essex and the surrounding areas. Ampacity Electric is a specialist in troubleshooting, repairs, remodeling, electrical service upgrades, electric vehicle charger (EVSE) installation, portable generator installations and panel upgrades. We provide high quality quick solutions to all residents in the East Rutherford area.

Ampacity Electric proudly provides first class customer service and workmanship along with the highest quality parts available to all our clientele. If you require an electrician in the East Rutherford area, simply give us a call and we’ll repair, install or upgrade your equipment so you have no further problems in your home.  If you are looking for a car charger installation in East Rutherford, call us now.

Your family’s safety is your top priority so we also make it ours. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy and will work until you’re satisfied the job is done. We work harder than other electricians by tailor-making solutions that match your specific needs. We respect your home and will leave it clean and free from mess after the job is done. All our work is backed by a lifetime warranty on labor. As a resident of East Rutherford, look no further than Ampacity Electric for all your electricity needs.  When you say to yourself “I need a reliable electrician near me”, it’s time to call Ampacity.

Electrical Wiring in East Rutherford, New Jersey

NEVER handle electrical wiring without being properly trained and licensed. It’s incredibly dangerous and also illegal almost everywhere in the country. If you need assistance with wiring updates or installations of new equipment, Ampacity Electric will handle the job and ensure you meet rigid safety standards so you’ll be confident that your family’s safety is guaranteed.

It’s impossible to over-emphasize the importance of selecting the right devices and wiring for all electrical jobs. If it’s bad quality wiring, it may damage whatever appliance it’s connected to and can overload your whole power system.

Because we live in a modern high-tech society, it’s even more critical to use the right equipment. Undersized wiring can cause fluctuations in power and may badly affect the operation of electrical appliances. Living in East Rutherford, you can trust Ampacity Electric, your nearby electrician, to deal with any problem you face, no matter how simple or complex it might be.

Portable Generator Connections

All owners want to live in a safe and secure home. After all, you didn’t pay out a huge chunk of money for no good reason. You bought a home that you and your family could enjoy and feel stable and safe.

You can’t plan for every eventuality. Mother Nature can become angry and cause intense weather events. Disasters can strike without warning. The positive news is that you can plan for blackouts by arranging for one of our expert electricians to install a portable generator connection that we can tie to your home’s electrical system. Then you’re prepared if you do lose power.

You have most likely seen our vans parked in driveways in your street or on the road as they help other people in East Rutherford with their electrical needs. Call us on 201-406-2855 and ask for more information about our portable generator connection and how we can give you back the light.

Electrical Panel Upgrades in East Rutherford NJ

  • Do your fuses blow frequently?

  • Maybe your lights flicker?

  • Perhaps your breakers keep tripping?

  • Do you have to turn off an appliance to use a different one?

If one or more of these annoying occurrences happens to you, it’s a strong indication that you need to upgrade your electrical panel. Nothing about electricity should be taken lightly or regarded as being inconvenient. Your family’s safety relies on having the right electrical equipment in your home. If your panel is out of date, it may increase the likelihood of electric shocks and fires.

At Ampacity Electric, we’re professionals and treat electricity with the respect it deserves. Call us on 201-406-2855 if you need assistance with power problems, general electrical work and repairs or an upgrade to your panel.

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Experienced and knowledgeable...

Ampacity Electric arrived on time to install my new ceiling fan. The existing fan was removed without any problem and the new ceiling fan was installed quickly and professionally. Andrew was pleasant and professional, experienced and knowledgeable. The price I was quoted for the job was the price I paid. Great job - will definitely call again. Thanks!

Kathy H. - East Rutherford, NJ

Great job...

I just had Ampacity Electric put sconce lighting in my dining room. They did a great job..... tech was neat, quick and the cost was very reasonable. Thanks Ampacity!

Diane G. - East Rutherford, NJ

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